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Do meaningful work that helps people (particularly the poor)

One of the biggest challenges Joy faced as a teenager and young adult was that she needed to find work and places to stay on breaks and throughout the summers when school was not in session. She was lucky to have people open up their homes to her and take her under their wings time and time again. Several families provided Joy with love and shelter when she needed it most. Without their support, she would not have been able to accept the jobs that provided the resources she needed to support herself and achieve her nearly impossible goals.

Joy is strongly compelled to give back. She donates her time and money regularly to the schools that granted her scholarships and has listed each school in her estate plan. She has actively tutored and advised young people on education and professional career matters, and has always sought meaningful ways to contribute to the communities in which she lives and works.

Joy's first job out of college at a K Street law firm in Washington, DC offered her the opportunity to work on some meaningful pro bono cases. After business school, Joy joined Intel and has had the privilege of working with several brilliant people passionate about their contributions to technological advancement. She is honored to be one of 100,000 Intel employees around the world today that make the business possible and allow Intel to spend millions of dollars promoting education and bridging the technological divide.

Key to accomplishing this goal in a nutshell:


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