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Get a full scholarship to attend a private boarding school for high school

Joy applied to several other boarding and private high schools in the 8th grade, but none offered her the full ride she needed. A board member of Community Prep, who had offered his educational consulting services to students, drove Joy to her final interview at Dublin, a small boarding school in the hills of southern New Hampshire.

The Director of Admissions at Dublin confronted a very motivated, yet distraught young woman that day as Joy expounded on her experiences applying to schools and working with the financial aid offices. The Director was frank with Joy and careful to manage her expectations. He shared that, while he understood her frustration and challenges, she faced an unfair reality. The fact was schools may be able to help 5 other students with a partial scholarship OR they could accept Joy on a single full scholarship. Joy appreciated his honesty. When asked to go on a campus tour, Joy said she would be happy to but that it was not necessary. She knew she wanted and needed to be there. The Director then met with the board member who had driven Joy to school and they all decided to go on that afternoon tour. Throughout, Joy tried to quell her excitement while still remaining hopeful that a miracle could happen and she could actually attend.

A few weeks later Joy received a thin envelope in the mail from Dublin. Before opening it, she prayed to God for strength to be able to thrive in the public high school she was slated to attend had this letter brought the same familiar news she had heard from other schools. She then proceeded to open the letter to find "Congratulations..." and a statement that a balance of $0.00 would be due on Sept 1. Joy graciously started packing her bags!

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